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We know how to deliver your message.

Public relations means more than press releases, clipping services and reporter relationships.  It means knowing what words to use, when to use them and who to communicate with when your organization needs its message heard.  We know how to tell your story.


We are a Washington, DC-based public relations firm that helps clients develop a public message designed to influence a federal or local policy debate.  We know how to take a non-story and make it newsworthy.  We also know how to combat an undesirable story.  We have worked for Members of Congress, corporations and presidential and congressional candidates and know how to structure a message so your organization can make a real impact.


We tailor our work to each client, provide hands-on, real-time public relations guidance so that you can stay ahead of, and positively impact, today's challenging media environment.

See some of our recent work on behalf of our clients here.

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